GOAT Run 50K

Registration: $80

Date: SEPTEMBER 7, 2019

Maximum number of runners: 100

Start Time: 7:30 a.m. (Time limit: 8 Hours)


The run starts at 7:30 a.m. on September 7, 2019.

Packet pickup will take place on Friday, September 6, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Barhop Brewing in Port Angeles, and on Saturday, September 8, Crescent School in Joyce, WA. 

The GOAT Run 50K Ultra-Marathon has been partially re-routed. The description and map below are accurate for GOAT Run 2018.

GOAT Run 50K Route

The Great Olympic Adventure Trail Run (GOAT Run) 50K ultra-marathon course takes place primarily on single-track trail that traverses Kelly Ridge between the Olympic National Park and the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State. The race follows most of the Olympic Adventure Trail, with some gravel/dirt logging road mixed and finishes with less than a mile of paved road to get to the finish line at Lake Crescent, inside Olympic National Park. The course is the same as the full marathon course, but with an out-and-back on the Spruce Railroad Trail on the shores of Lake Crescent added near the end.

Due to timber harvest activities on the east side of the Adventure Trail, the GOAT Run 50K and full marathon courses will take a different route than originally planned. Time was spent scouting a way to build a temporary trail around the harvest in order to maintain the point-to-point aspect of the course, but it is not possible due to the steepness of the slope at the harvest area.

The re-route is an incredibly beautiful course regardless! Essentially the route will be a lollipop going east from a middle (ish) point of the Adventure Trail, then after the turnaround point just head west all the way to the finish line (50K still has the out-and-back on Spruce Railroad Trail added on!). The course is mostly single-track trail (see map below).

Bridge Along Devil's Punchbowl at Lake Crescent. (Photo Courtesy Sarah Miller)

Bridge Along Devil’s Punchbowl at Lake Crescent. (Courtesy Sarah Miller)

GOAT Run 50K Route Map

Famous for its turquoise blue waters of exceptional clarity, the lake is the perfect place to end the race. The finish line is at Log Cabin Resort on the lake, and runners will be greeted by stunning lake and mountain views, food, and fun. There are rooms, cabins, and campsites at the resort (how great would it be to have your room right at the finish line?), as well as public showers, restrooms, beach, restaurant and beer!

The course reaches a maximum elevation of 1,619 feet, with a cumulative elevation gain of over 3000 feet across the 31-mile rolling course. The first mile and the last mile are… uh… really hard. The hills in the middle grind on and on. The last logging road stretch? Where it looks flat on the elevation profile? Nope. Misleading. That’s gonna hurt too. Challenging? Absolutely! This is a difficult course. But it’s worth it! The trail is impeccably constructed and maintained, and goes through a variety of forest ages. Highlights include stunning water views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca over to Vancouver Island in Canada, and an incredible log bridge over Whiskey Creek near the town of Joyce. And of course Lake Crescent, the biggest highlight of them all.

Tunnel at Spruce Railroad Trail at Lake Crescent

Tunnel at Spruce Railroad Trail at Lake Crescent (Courtesy Jay Cline)

There will be minimal aid stations for the GOAT Run, and runners should be prepared to be self-sufficient and carry water and food as needed. The eight aid stations will be at approximately miles 5.5, 9.5, 12.5, 16, 20, 23, 25, and 30. There will be food and drinks at the finish line as well.

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GOAT Run donates funds to Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Peninsula Chapter and to the Peninsula Trails Coalition for the construction and maintenance of the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Olympic Adventure Trail.