The Olympic Adventure Trail (OAT) is a project of Clallam County Road Department. The trail was constructed to be a “temporary” route to connect two sections of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) while the official trail is constructed. While the mainline ODT is a paved rails-to- trails type which is used by a large variety of user groups, the OAT “temporary” route is a dirt and gravel single-track trail appropriate for horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and of course TRAIL RUNNING. The word temporary is in quotation marks because we have been assured that even after the permanent ODT route is constructed, the OAT has become such a community asset that it will stay.

Construction of the OAT was started in 2004.  The trail was constructed by the Clallam County Sheriff Department Chain Gang and a volunteer trail crew called the Thursday Trail Crew.  The crews used only chain saws and hand tools to build this high-quality single-track trail.  Together the crews covered some miles! The OAT was completed in the fall of 2011, after 7 years of hard work. It is 25 miles long – 21 miles of single track and 4 miles of logging road – and traverses Kelly Ridge from the Elwha River to Lake Crescent.

GOAT Run donates funds to the Peninsula Trails Coalition for the construction and maintenance of the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Olympic Adventure Trail.

The Peninsula Trails Coalition is a local, citizen based, non-profit that has advocated the creation of the Olympic Discovery Trail since 1988. Coalition members work with private citizens and local government to identify potential trail route and they help provide volunteer labor for construction and maintenance of the Trail.

Volunteers Constructing the Olympic Adventure Trail